Background on these murders


September 13, 2012 by Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

When it comes to Virginia serial killers:  The Case of Drew Fitzwater, the Route 211 murderer stands out.

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I got involved with this because I live outside of Bealton and saw the coverage of this on the local news.  If you believe the published reports, Andrew Fitzwater pleaded guilty to the murders of Heather Lorne, Judith Marie Moore, Francine Murphy, Janie Mair and Florence Colvin. Fitzwater was the classic loner who lived up on Pignut Mountain.  The short version is that Drew died while in police custody before he went to sentencing – and by most accounts this was a good thing.

I filed a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) two years ago for the photographs and police files for the crime but they have been mysteriously ‘lost’ according to the Virginia State Police.  I tried to get the files and photos from the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Department but the line that they gave me was that since the State Police had jurisdiction in the case, they didn’t have the files.  To me this seems like a cover up.

Why would they conveniently lose the files?  One was that these killings were brutal.  The Times did an article when they arrested Fitzwater and they said that he sacrificed his victims in some sort of brutal ritual.  I have a friend who works at the courthouse who told me that there was more to it than that.  He apparently skinned his victims and turned them into scarecrows around his property.  I think they ‘lost’ the photos to avoid just what a sick bastard this guy was.  My ‘friend’ at the courthouse told me that she heard that the police actually found a crock full of human eyes, preserved in some mix of honey, tree sap and other stuff.

The other rumor I heard was that Drew didn’t die of natural causes while in jail like we were all told.  That must mean that the police took care of this SOB on their own.  A few of us think that they took revenge on his ass.  It’s wrong, but you can’t blame them if the stories are true about what this guy did to his victims.

I tried to track down someone at the hospital to get a copy of his autopsy files but those are protected by HIPAA.  A friend told me that Drew had a sister but I had no luck in finding her in hopes she could get them for me.  I guess she changed her name and moved far away after what her brother did.

I located one of the deputies tied to the case, Deputy Arthur Davison.  He retired recently but refused to talk to me about it. That smells like cover-up to me. Why not talk to me otherwise?

Has anyone else heard about these murders?

Here’s what I had from my old blog site:


13 May 2009

I remember this crime.  That shack of a house that Drew lived in burned to the ground right after his arrest.  Word was the police were there when it happened too.  Coincidence?


22 February 2010

I did some digging into this too.  You should check with the Prince William County police department.  I heard from one of them that there was some ties to that fire that destroyed the Beverely Mill on I-66.


22 October 2011

I heard there’s a bunch of locals that go up on Pignut every Halloween to check out the crime scene?  Does anyone know how to connect with these guys?


19 January 2012

Don’t give up hope!!!  I called that cop Davidson when I started looking into this case.  He told me that there is an author that is working on a book about the crime.  Maybe he has some of the details that you’re looking for.  He wouldn’t give out the guy’s name though.


23 March 2012

The guy’s name is Pardoe.  I saw a post on his blog.  He’s a historian and science fiction writer.  Seems like a strange fit.  He’s got a true crime about some bombing in Michigan that’s out next month.  Maybe this is his new bag.

5 thoughts on “Background on these murders

  1. StalkingTheNight says:

    In looking into this crime I went to the library to pull up some of the newspaper articles. That roll of microfilm was out! The librarian told me that someone must have checked it out on interlibrary loan. I don’t believe that for a minute. How weird is that the only microfilm not on file is the month relating to the investigation and death of Andrew Fitzwater?

  2. i think I read about this in the paper. How can a file get lost by the police? I thought htey had to keep those things.

  3. Brad Thomas says:

    The part that tore up our community about this was we never got closure. We never learned why Drew did what he did – or even the details of what happened. His death cheated us all – especially the victims’ families. I remember the pictures in the newspaper of Mrs. Mair crying coming out of the courthourse in Warrenton. We deserved more – we deserved justice.

  4. FosterForks says:

    I just finished Virginia Creeper. The thought that his is real is, well, creepy. Somebody needs to do some more digging.

  5. I picked up Virginia Creeper. Incredible book! I’m doing some parallel research and will put up some photos that may lend some credibility to that story! If it’s even partially true, it’s a wild paranormal experience right here in Virginia!

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